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September 5, 2023

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Let's take a swing at this together! I'm spilling all of the secrets in my course!

We spend a lot of time in the boys playroom! It’s where most of our books live, most of our toys can be found, there’s a loveseat we use to cuddle and hangout, there’s a TV where we can watch movies and shows – it’s a total kids dream if you ask me!

My favorite part: the fact that is right off of our kitchen and next to our dining room. When we have friends over for dinner, or I’m cooking in the kitchen, it’s easy for me to see what’s going on and love on the boys!


Our books are all out displayed on these floating shelves on the wall. I love this because it also gives them a moment to be a “piece of art” if you will. The boys always can see what we have available to read and I love to rotate the bookshelves out with holiday themed books, too.

For our cabinet of toys, I go back and forth! I’ve done the “each theme of toy has it’s own bin” thing before and – let’s be honest here – my 2.5 year old and 9 month old could truly not care less. It makes it hectic and intimidating for others, like babysitters, to help clean up. So now I use these clear bins that fit just right in our space and I just dump all toys in here and rotate them out when I notice the boys getting a bit bored. This gives an easy way to clean up that’s mindless for all annnnd they’re all put away behind cabinet doors anyways so who cares if they’re organized in there or not – they’ll be dumped out tomorrow anyways! More on this and systems and organization in my latest episode on Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey where I sit down with Kate Strickler from Naptime Kitchen – highly suggest you take a listen if you’re reading this post!

If you are the mama that likes toys displayed and that’s a part of your aesthetic, YGG!! No shame! In fact, let me recommend these beautiful print out labels from Etsy that we have and have used (and will probably use again). They are fabulous!


I love having updated pictures of the boys framed in these large frames.

We added wallpaper last year, here, with Love Vs Design and we still are obsessed!

I have baskets galore for stuffed animals, diaper and wipes avaiable, everything has a place and that makes this space work for us!

This pennant I found on Etsy is so beautiful and embodies the character and culture of our home so well. The perfect piece of fun and texture for this space!

The rug is a new addition from Rifle Paper Company and Loloi Rugs! I am obsessed! IT IS SO SOFT! I can’t describe to you how soft it is! My boys love playing on it!

The cabinet is from IKEA.

I’ll be updating this post as things come about, we swap out decor and/or systems – so save this! Bookmark it for later! Playrooms are so fun but it’s necessary to update them often since our kids are growing up with the space, too.

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