5 Things Every Bride-to-Be Should Be Doing

April 7, 2017

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The build up to the wedding day – sheesh. There’s the venue planning, the caterer, the dress alterations, seat planning, making sure you won’t run out of food, etc. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re an organizer and you want to make sure that there is not a thing that will get overlooked. Although, that’s a silly expectation (because nothing really goes seamlessly) there are a few things that I found important throughout my engagement season that all brides should know about.

1. Perfume

Sounds crazy, but this was one thing that I did that I am so so thankful I remembered to do. Find a scent that you love and buy it. Don’t use it until the wedding day, let it sit in the box (patience) or have your groom give it to you as a gift. Bring it out on your wedding day and spritz some on the morning of and then again before you walk down the isle. Bring it on your honeymoon and continue to use it on special and fun occasions afterwards. 

It’s such a sweet concept: every time you spritz some on, you’ll remember your special day, all the romance, all the love and your incredible adventures in the few days after your wedding day you spent in paradise. Whenever I go to put mine on, it’s impossible for me to not remember the memories attached to that fragrance. 

2. Box of sentimentals you want photographed

Your photographer should set up these expectations with you. But, incase she hasn’t: put together a box of valuable items that you’d want photographed. Your dress, the wedding party, the reception is all great and fun to look through when the album comes back but don’t forget to cherish the details. This is why the box is so important. Stuff it with your invitation suite, his ring, your ring, anything you’re carrying down the isle, ribbon, etc. 

Hand this over and designate this responsibility to someone else that can get this special box to your photographer before the chaos begins.

3. Writing letters

It’s so sweet to receive letters that are delayed. Write letters throughout your engagement season. Write him what you’re looking forward to, what you love about him, what’s been difficult, what’s been easy and hand them over the day of! You may not have time to read them then and there but those letters are something you can both work your way through and read in the weeks after.

4. Date! Date! Date!

Go on dates with your fiancé. This anticipation feeling and eagerness to finally call each other “husband” and “wife” makes date nights all the more fun. They include dreaming with each other about careers, houses, children, family, etc. So, soak it up! Don’t forget to treat each other to a date night: dinner and a movie, mini golf, dessert and coffee, but please date! When you do go on the dates, the wedding and planning and such is off limits.

5. Block out the haters!

You’ll get a lot of people that disagree with you about your decision to get married. My mom told me during my season of engagement, “if you wait until everyone’s approval, you’ll never get married.” So, trust yourself, trust your fiancé, and block out the discouraging noise. Don’t let their tainted view of marriage taint yours. 

People see marriage as a “lock down” as “you’ll never be free again” but in my opinion, I’ve never felt more free. Marriage is really great and has challenges but anything worth it is worth fighting for. My marriage is not dead and yours will not be either as long as you continually serve one another and seek God’s will for your family first. 

Enjoy this season – it doesn’t last forever.


“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

Photography by Jessi Nichols Photoraphy

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