Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

November 7, 2020

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Let's take a swing at this together! I'm spilling all of the secrets in my course!

One of my all-time favorite part of Christmas time is when it comes time to bring out the hidden presents and wrap them for our loved ones. Thomas and I put on a good movie, make hot cocoa, and start wrappin’!!

Fun fact: Thomas actually wraps the gifts – he’s a little particular with those corners and folded edges
But I like to add the pizzaz and “jush” up the gifts a little to put the Awtrey touch! I love going over to family’s house, pulling out the gifts we brought, and people loving the wrapping. It adds a whole other layer of fun!

So…. I’m spilling my “how-to” and some fun tips + tricks for wrapping gifts the impressive, fun, and way!


check out these tools and tricks to help you wrap easier and faster this year! Some genius inventions!
This guy clips on the side of your table, holds your tape and wrapping paper, and keeps everything still as you cut!

Check out the other ones:


Good question! If it’s an odd shape and you don’t have any leftover Amazon boxes lying around, stick it in a bag! Also, think who will be unwrapping this! Is it a kid? Would it be easier for your little tot of a toddler to pull out tissue paper or tear through wrapping paper? We wrap 95% of our presents and most times ditch the bag!


Now, the fun part! Once you’ve selected a box that works best for your gift, let’s pick some wrapping paper! Here are a few that I love! Sure, you could go with the original plaid, the cartoon paper from Walmart or the classic Christmas but why not make it fun?! Here are a few of my picks this season:

On a budget? I have something for you! A fun DIY project! Try brown kraft paper you can get a ton for a little $$, plus it matches any of the things we’ll add in steps 3-4! You can also have a little one (or shoot, you!) draw designs on them to personalize them for grandma, grandpa or other loved ones!


Pop quiz: “Brown paper packages tied up with ______ these are a few of my favorite things!”

You guessed it!! STRING! I’m all about tying up a gift with string rather than sticking the peel and stick bows on there. It adds a “hey, I thought about you” touch! It doesn’t have to be super fancy! It can be some cute ribbon that matches your selection of wrapping paper, twine string, or some luxury (but affordable) velvet ribbon – always a classic touch!

Here are some I love:


Now for the last (and super fun) step! Let’s add some flare! Depending on your wrapping style: boho, retro, classic, colorful, etc. this may vary! But, use your imagination! The “flare” is what going on your present besides your ribbon! Think gift tags, add ons to the end of the string, etc.!

In the past, I’ve used little disco ball ornaments, mini glitter ornaments, pacifiers (for new mamas or babies), felt ornaments (for kids), mini bottles (for my whiskey lovin’ friends), and more! Seriously, let your mind get creative! I tie them onto the gift when doing the bow and let it dangle. If you don’t want anyone to know which present is actually theirs, you can make a “key” in your notes on your phone to know which “flare” goes with who. For example: “disco-ball = sister, Fireball mini bottle = brother, pacifier = sister in law, etc.)

Here are a few links for some fun add ons!

What ideas do you have?! Anything you’ve done that people love every year? I’d love to know!


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