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April 27, 2017

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What the heck is a blog content shoot? If you’re not a photographer, you probably struggle to find pictures to go along with your blog posts…

I never knew these existed until I was taking a picture of something random every time I went to post a blog. I learned quickly that each blog post should have at least one picture but dang, I was getting tired of my self-timer on my camera and awkwardly posing for me, myself and I.

I was getting frustrated when I’d see other bloggers post content daily. LIKE, HOW?! I got acquainted quickly with what I call “Blog Content Shoots” and the idea of working “smarter, not harder.” So, about once every month (or once every two weeks if I’m lucky) I’ll reach out to my photographer here in Bham (Macey Young) and ask her to shoot some content shots for me so that I can schedule my posts, knock it all out and not fret every morning over “what I’m going to post that day.” Ugh, social media should not be a stress but for us entrepre-doers, it’s a great source for marketing. I felt this pressure to stay “on the ball.” So, I give you permission to release that stress and work efficiently!

How do I find a photographer??

It’s important to find someone you trust and that you can give them a list of things you need shot (products for collaborations and partnerships, outfits, random shots for content, etc.) and them not stray off that list too much. You also want to balance that with creative freedom – someone that will give ya a better idea than the one that you came prepared with. “Gosh, this can get expensive, Rachel” but not exactly! Work out a trade of services, negotiate a monthly price, see if there is something that you can offer one another. That’s the beauty of working with other creatives: being able to propel one another.

Practically, look on Instagram for a photographer in your area, that way you can get a feel of their editing style and if it matches your brand. You can also search on The Knot for wedding photographers that may also do lifestyle shoots or join this Facebook group to meet someone in your area!

What the heck do I even shoot??

Come prepared. Bring a bag of props, outfits to change into and out of, a list of what’s important for you. My prop bag consists (usually) of sunglasses, a few pairs of shoes, different shirts (to make it look like I’m getting a different shoot everyday), and something to hold (a purse, bouquet of flowers, a bag, etc.)

How do I come up with new ideas every time??

Did you know you can save pictures on Instagram? When I see a pose or a product placement or location that I love, I’ll save it and refer back to it later. Another great reason to find a photographer you trust is for their creative insight as well! Use their creativity to enhance your shoot, too. Pinterest is great too to get ideas for poses and outfit combinations! Try anything until you feel comfortable and you get it right!

Like I said, Blog Content Shoots are a great way to knock everything out with some preparation and inspiration. Can’t wait to see how y’all kill it with your pictures on your blogs!

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