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August 23, 2021

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Diaper bags are great for carrying everything for baby on trips as a carryon through the airport or when you’re packing them for the day away at a babysitter’s or day care.

I have been using the Fawn Design bag and I love it! I love the pockets, the way it zips, the fact it’s a backpack, the look of it, the durability, all of the things! A few of you on Instagram let me know that there is a “dupe” for this bag on Amazon called Mrs. Fong and although it’s similar, some of you have said it broke and was quick to wear and tear. I firmly believe, you get what you pay for and this is one of those examples. Yes, the bag is a little more pricey but I have carried it on trains, planes and automobiles and have zero problems with it. It comes in multiple sizes – we got the larges size.

I don’t carry it everywhere. If I’m running errands, I don’t take much into the stores with me other than my own purse/backpack and leave the diaper bag in the car. I have a caddy in the back of our car with all of the things we’d need out and about: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, first aid kit and a few waters. So, if I were ever in a pickle, I’d have that! My diaper bag is more so for the church nursery, if someone is watching him, long days and travel days.

BUT! When I do carry my diaper bag, this is what I have inside and have actually used at one point or another:

Diapers + Wipes

I am loving Hello Bello diapers! Hello Bello has the cutest designs, they’re fragrance free and have a military discount, or use RACHEL15 for 15% off! Heads up: size up in their diapers. Hello Bello has wipes as well that we use and really like but we’ve also loved using the lavender scented wipes from Young Living.
Rule of thumb: only carry as many diapers as hours you’ll be out. For example, if you’ll be out 3ish hours, bring 3 diapers!

Change of Clothes for Baby

Spit up, blow out, they get fussy, trust me! You’ll want to have a change of clothes just in case. Make sure to change this out every so often! With the change of clothes, I also bring a gallon zip loc back with me so that if he does blow out his diaper and it dirties his outfit, I have somewhere to put it before I’m able to wash it.

Mini/Travel Size Deodorant for Me

Mmmmm yeah. No need to explain. If you’re a new mama, you get it! Postpartum body odor is for real!


Portable Sound Machine

Trust me when I say this has been my lifesaver in so many different environments! In the car, out and about while he’s taking a nap on the go, in the airport – all of the places! It helps drown out the outside noises and keep him sleepy since we turn on a sound machine for sleeping at home!

Hand Sanitizer + Holder

It’s the easiest way to sanitize on the go! I found these holders on Amazon that I have attached to different bag that I take out and about so I never forget my hand sanitizer at home!

Disposable Changing Pads

Found these on Amazon – they’re great! Instead of taking the time to wipe down the diaper changing station out in public and trying to dodge the germs, this is a great way to quickly clean up your mess and keep baby from other’s messes! Just throw away after you’re finished using!

Diaper Cream

Again with the Hello Bello products! Their diaper cream is great! Don’t forget to use the code RACHEL15 for 15% off!

Nursing Cover

….if we’ll be out a while! I love this one that doubles as a car seat cover, too!

Burp cloth

A Toy

A Snack for Me

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