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December 24, 2016

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Magical, indeed. We spent two days at Magic Kingdom because of it, no need to feel rushed right?

We started off at Tomorrow  Land

The best of the best: Space Mountain, Monsters Laugh Floor, Stitch, and lots more.

One time, true story, we went on Space Mountain and there was a malfunction and we were escorted off so every time I ride Space Mountain, I truly know what the inside looks like, with the lights on. However, every time I ride it is still as exhilarating! Monsters Laugh Floor is quite hilarious, and different every show! So, we went a few different times. There’s a Stitch ride that I would suggest not to go on if you have a sensitive nose, like me. Let’s just say there are some planned “not so pleasant smells” that aliens may introduce to the ride so I’ll be avoiding this in the future.

Fantasy Land

New ride alert! Man, is it fantastic! The Mine Train based off of Snow White is a new roller coaster in Magic Kingdom and we had the most incredible experience. While we were on the ride (which is partly indoors/outdoors) we got to witness the Castle’s fireworks at the same time. Can you say, “wow?!” Seriously, my most favorite part of our trip. Because the show was going on and we planned to watch it the next night, we hopped back in line because it was such a short wait. Honestly, worth the wait, however long it may be. 

It’s a Small World, eh, it’s just tradition, nothin’ special. Afterwards, we got some coke floats, coffee and sundaes (on Mickey) because Dane left on his “It’s my birthday!’ button a day late. Hehe, oops. 

Magic Tea Cups, go! Almost wet my pants it was so fun! We laughed so hard and were so dizzy. Avoid this if you just ate desserts, like we did. Yikes. 

There’s a quaint lunch spot at Liberty Square that serves chicken and seafood and their upstairs is pretty much abandoned because no one knows there’s even an upstairs. It’s a great spot to watch the hustle and bustle of Magic Kingdom. 

Gotta get the Nutella and fresh fruit waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow. I didn’t, biggest regret. 

Frontier Land has the best turkey legs and churros, hands down. 

We honestly probably rode Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad probably eleven times, combined. It’s just that fun. Thomas was super impressed with Splash Mountain because inside there’s an incredible story with the best decor and then you get a thrill at the end. Best of all worlds. Ride Row 1 if you want to get soaked and Row 4 if you don’t want to get touched with water (words from the wise).

Adventure Land

Pirates of the Caribbean is not worth the wait unless you’re a serious fan. It takes you through the movie, which is pretty neat but it’s pretty slow, no thrill and the animatronics aren’t as impressive as others. Just sayin’.

The second day we were there was Todd’s birthday and the Dapper Dans sang him Happy Birthday, quintet-acapella style. 

I got a little lost on the second day, plus I really loved the light up balloons so sweet Thomas bought me one for everyone’s sake. Also, another quick tip, get to the Castle ASAP because about 15 minutes out from the fireworks show, it’s a maze and quite stressful. No one likes to be anxious at Disney, right?

On Main Street, you can meet a talking Mickey (also worth the wait) at the Town Theater, there’s a great candy shop that you must try the caramel apples at — says Thomas and Hamilton — and you have to go inside the ice-cream parlor on the corner. Across the street from the ice-cream parlor is Casey’s Corner Hotdogs. I’m not a huge hot dog fan but mmm they were delicious!

After the Wishes nighttime spectacular and Once Upon A Time show, the Castle shuts down for the night and there’s a “goodbye message” from Mickey. You must stay till closing and see it!

If you leave with the rest of the world, the monorail is packed. Honestly, the worst. But, if you get on the other monorail, that takes you to the Contemporary Resort Hotel, you can basically walk on and it takes you through a few more stops before the Ticket Station, but you’ll get there before the rest of the crowd. 

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