Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 8, 2017

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I think this is the perfect time to say “thank you so much” by giving her a gift she wants but doesn’t know she needs. What are we suppose to get a mom that always seems to have everything?? At least, it feels like my mom does. Gift giving for her is always a tough task but I did some thinking and asking around and I think these would all be a “win.” I linked these products with Amazon so that if you have a membership (or if you don’t, sign up) you can get free 2 day shipping to get this if you’ve procrastinated this whole gift thing! If you’re more of a card giving person, I linked some of my favorites of those too for you to snag for your mama.



There’s probably tons on their register that they were gifted (and then there’s probably a lot that they were not). These gifts, though, will be sure to complete whatever they need for the new babe. The car seat cover is perfect for the moms that find themselves out and about or outside frequently. It keep the child safe from germs, sun and loud noises. The diaper bag is chic and fun for the trendy mama. It has a great amount of pockets for anything that they may need to carry and it’s a backpack which means it’s easy to carry and won’t have to be lugged over the arm. The sweet onesie is great to add to a collection of sweet, new clothing.


There’s always a mom out there that’s attending a barre, yoga or cycling class and just needs something fun. These sweat bands are super cute and so practical for these type of mamas. It has a rubbery inside that makes sure it sticks to her hair (dry or sweaty) and comes in a variety of patterns and colors! The fitbook is great for the moms that are all about the fit lifestyle. It lets her track her meals and workouts so that she can see her growth from week to week or month to month. And who could pass up this super cute yoga mat. There’s a ton of yoga mats that have super special patterns or unique designs that will make hers stand out in class.


These mamas are the one that love movies and wine before bed and/or a treatment or facial every now and then. These Ugg Nita slippers are the absolute greatest because it has a wool interior that keeps her warm and cozy but also great traction underneath the shoe so she can still walk around the house with some structure. The H2O+ kit is the perfect “spa day at home” for the mama that wants to be pampered. This robe is my all time favorite. It’s soft and comes in so many cute styles and patterns. This robe is so practical for the mom that takes her time getting ready in the morning and is all about rest. 


The cookin’ mamas are always in the kitchen, pinning new recipes on Pinterest, watching all the cooking shows on Food Network and just can’t get enough cool gadgets. Avocados are everyone’s favorite so this Avocado Hugger is perfect for the moms that want to be smart and save food for leftovers. It fits tightly over the other half of the avocado, keeping it fresh for the next use. The noodle holder/strainer is perfect for the moms wants to portion out noodles for the family to know how much to make. It clings to the side of the pot and can easily be removed to strain the noodles and dumped in the family’s favorite dish. Incase that doesn’t suit her fancy, this clip on strainer works just as well for the mac and cheese lover. It makes emptying the pot of water easy so that all she has to add is some cream and cheese to make the whole family happy.  


The moms that love Facebook, Instagram and texting will love these gifts. The first is a HP portable photo printer for the moms that love taking pictures of outings, events and art shows. All she need to do is sync it to her bluetooth and chose “print” on her favorite pictures on her phone and it prints out in no time (better than a polaroid camera if you ask me). This chargeable bracelet is chic and so fun for the techy moms on the go that seem to lose battery pretty quickly. She’ll just unhook it from her wrist and plug it into her phone to get a little more “juice” throughout the day. Another way to charge the phone that techy mamas are always using is to buy her a chargeable phone case. It not only protects her phone but also keeps it charged fully so that when you call, she’ll actually answer. 


Let’s be honest, all mamas are on-the-go. Let’s call this the “car pool” mamas. This storage organizer for the backseat is perfect to keep the car uncluttered organized for when it’s time to drive the kids from sport to sport. You are Free by Rebekah Lyons is the perfect book to pull out and read when you’re waiting in the school car line or at soccer practice. And now, my favorite part of this whole post – these shoes. These Espadrilles are perfect for the mom that wants to be cute and follow the trends but just can’t bare the heels/wedges all day. The ankle strap adds some femininity and the flatness keeps her moving through all of her errands. 


All of these cards are a hit and quite hilarious! All you have to do is click and it’ll take you to the link to buy them online! My favorite place to buy cards is Paper Source! If you have any other needs for a card, this place is my go-to!

I hope this helps y’all find something for your mama, whoever she may be, for Mother’s Day. Because gifting her something fun is the least we could do to say that we’re thankful.

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?

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