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January 31, 2023

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Let's take a swing at this together! I'm spilling all of the secrets in my course!

I’ve been at this mom of 2 thing for a few weeks now and I can confidently share some products that are worth it to buy or put on your registry whether you’re expecting your first or you’re a seasoned mama! The bottom line is some things are worth the splurge for quality or convenience and some things are better when they’re budget friendly! I’m spilling all the details (and links!) in this post so keep on scrolling to read more!

If you want to see a complete list of my baby must haves for the first year, I recommend picking up my registry guide that has all the details and links to create the best registry in a the least stressful way possible! All you have to do is click the links and add to your registry!

  1. The Ollie Swaddle– This thing has magic velcro, I swear! It’s been the best addition this time around and I wish we would have used it with our first! This swaddle is foolproof and is super easy to get tight around the shoulders and ties at the bottom for easy diaper changes at night.

  2. Bamboo Sleepers– Anything bamboo is worth the investment for your first because they are so soft, stand the test of time, and stretch for longer wear! There are so many good brands out there but we personally love Kyte and Little Sleepies!

  3. A Portable Sound Machine– This thing goes everywhere with us and is amazing for keeping a baby asleep from the car to the inside of a store, at dinner, etc! Pro tip: bring it to the hospital with you when you give birth, too! It helps drown out all of the beeping and people constantly in and out of your room.

  4. This Body Wash – It smells SO incredible and works great even for babies with sensitive skin!

  5. Muslin Burp Cloths, Washcloths + Towels- Cotton muslin is just so soft and is super durable. We were able to keep most pass on most of our linens from Maddex because of the quality of these.

  6. Hatch Sound Machine– Don’t even bother messing around with any other main sound machine. The hatch is worth every single penny! We love that you can change the lighting for middle of the night feeds and the volume if the house starts to get loud. It’s amazing.

  7. A Bedside Bassinet– This bassinet makes it so easy to grab Oliver for middle of the night feeds and put him back without waking him up. Not to mention, I barely have to move to make it all happen!

  8. Tubby Todd Products– We have used and loved Tubby Todd over the last few years with Maddex and they’re great for sensitive baby skin. The standout product that is a must have is their All Over Ointment! It heals just about anything and really helps with cradle cap, too!

  9. Solly Baby Wraps– I thought I loved baby wearing the first time around but then I had 2 under 2. The Solly has been an MVP for me and I use it every single day to wear Oliver while I’m chasing Maddex around, cooking, getting ready, and so much more. I love how easy the Solly is to use, the cute patterns it comes in, and how snuggly you can get with your baby while staying hands free.

You’re not in this thing alone mama!

Here are some resources and podcast episodes I’ve created to help you navigate motherhood

  • Text MAMA to 33777 to to get on my motherhood list where I send encouragement, what being a mama is teaching me, baby faves, and the occasional Starbucks giftcard for those rough mornings!

  • Grab the baby registry guide for all the things from A-Z! Trying to figure out what you need is overwhelming, let me help with that!

  • Packing your hospital bag and wondering what the heck to put in it? I got you! Click here to read what I packed and used for babies #1 and #2!

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