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July 13, 2019

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It’s no secret we all love a good sale, like who doesn’t love to save some major mullah?! But, here’s the deal: home girl can’t afford everything she wants from the same (home girl being me). And if I’m completely honest, I cringe when I see girls going bonkers and walking out with 10 bags. Yikes. Just me? Am I the only person who double checks my sales before clicking “checkout” or swiping my card? I hope not!

This year, I did some digging to see if I could find similar or close to similar from other vendors and guess what – Amazon won every time. Soooo, here are my picks of what I would looooove to purchase from the #NSale buuut I found some dupes that I had to share! Good friends share good deals, am I right?!

P.S. If the links won’t load, try refreshing the browser/page!




I eyed this skirt right away and imagined pairing it with some fun sneakers, strappy sandals or cute booties with a white v-neck or black sweater depending on the weather/season. But, I found some comparable and maybe even better below!




Don’t quote me but this may be a great dupe! I haven’t personally ordered the Amazon dress but I’m willing to try! The colors are limited and the sizing may be questionable but the dress looks the exact same




These jeans. Gah, I love me some Free People but ripped jeans are not a new idea, they’ve been around a block or two, so I had to find some similar and I did! If you ask me, Free People jeans aren’t the comfiest thing I’ve ever put on my lower body, either, so it’s not like you’d be compromising comfort over here.




OKAY HERE ME LOUD AND CLEAR. This cami is great but not incredible so please please please cut some corners on this layer-able piece! I bet you can’t even tell the difference between this one above and the others below.




Pleated midi skirts are in – so, Nordstrom isn’t the only one selling them. Make sure to check elsewhere for other colors/patterns!



This camo jacket won’t be a staple for me. I only see myself wearing it every-so-often switching it out with denim jacket, leather jacket and sweaters. With that being said, I won’t be spending $130 on a jacket that will be on the hanger most of the season.



I’ve bought comfy joggers on Amazon before that are half the price of these and I get compliments all the time.



Don’t get me wrong, Zella leggings are soo super comfy! So if you prefer comfort in your leggings, get the Nordstrom ones but if you don’t mind the material and you just want the fit, get a few of the Amazon ones for the price of one pair above.



Besides the fact that the ones above have sold out, I liked the print of the booties below better than the Nordstrom ones



Honestly, I prefer the lace up sandals below, add the fact that they’re less expensive and it’s a winner!



Black booties with pointed toe? Doesn’t seem super revolutionary to me. Sorry, Nordstrom, but I’m going elsewhere. ✌



I have a friend that has the leather jacket below and it looks soo good on her! I’m planning on getting one of my own for the Fall!



The only difference between the one above and the ones below is that the above sneakers are Converse and below are a variety of other brands. I’m not quite sure about the difference in comfort!



I like how one of the pairs below has more of a pointed toe than the one above – again, not quite sure about the comfort level.


Are you looking for anything else in particular? If so, I’d love to know! Comment what you’re looking for below and I’ll add them in this post!

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