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May 18, 2020

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It’s no secret we’re probably all bored. In fact, I sure as heckie am. With Thomas being gone at Officer Training School, social-distancing in place, etc. I am finding myself bored and scrolling on Instagram often. I don’t know about you, but I would hate to look back on this time and think “oh man, what did I do with all of that “free time.”” SOOO I’ve come up with a list for myself to turn to when I feel bored or don’t know what to do with my time. Now, I’m sharing! it with you!

✓Read 3 books
✓ Organize Tupperware
✓ Organize Office
Organize Closets
✓ Clean Rings | I did with Landyn’s Bling Wash
✓ Style Bar Cart
Style Coffee Table
✓Under Sink Organization
✓Organize Bathroom
✓Wash Makeup Brushes | Sink Mat I Use
✓Memorize Scripture
✓Clean Living Room Rug
✓ Style Back porch (Plant New Plants)
✓ Tie-Dye Something
✓Host a Zoom call
✓ Watch “Chosen” Series
✓Finish a New Devotion | I love this one
✓Change Out Room Curtains
Work on Handstand
✓Take Yoga Class online
Write a Letter to Myself
✓ Paint Own Nails
Make Year Book for Marriage
✓Finish that side-hustle project
✓ Watch a Classic Movie
Learn How to Cook Pasta
✓Make a new kind of cookie
✓Send a meal via Door Dash to a friend
Order Groceries Using Shipt

✓ Buy a Matching Lounge Set | Love This One
✓ Learn a New Hairstyle | Curl Your Hair
✓Spa Night | Love this mask
Take a Masterclass
✓ Make an IGTV video
✓Take a Bath
✓Style TV Stand
✓ Create a Calendar for your goals
✓ Read a Book to Your Family
Find Throw Pillows
Learn a new craft
✓ Self Tan | This is what I use
✓ Spend Morning Coffee on Zoom with a Friend
✓ Wash Sheets
✓ Wash Slipcovered Furniture
Organize “Junk Drawer”
✓Order a Soduku Book
✓Find an Adult Coloring Book
✓Learn to Make a Fun Cocktail
Watch a youtube video to learn something new
Work on Landscaping
✓ Plant an Herb Garden
Refold Clothes in Drawers (Marie Kondo Style)
✓Build Something (fort or shelf, etc.)
✓Search for New Cocktail Glasses
✓ Send Easter Care Package to someone
✓Write a letter to a family member
✓French Braid Your Hair

What would you add to this list? As I do these, I’ll update the list with links I found helpful, books I read, etc.

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  1. Adrian H says:

    I’m going to try some of these! we have a chalk wall in our house and I’m adding these to it now. thanks rachel!

    • Adrian
  2. Meredith says:

    Great list! Lots of great cocktail recipes coming your way.

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