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January 9, 2018

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It’s no secret we love our pup. He’s friendly, so soft, has never known someone as a stranger, is the most excited at the dog park but he can make life a little cray sometimes. Thankfully, we’ve found a few products to keep life (and Remi) clean, organized but still super fun. It wouldn’t be fair to keep these as a secret so I’m sharing them with you!



keepin’ your canine clean

Let’s face it: every dog needs a brush, but not just a normal brush. They need a brush that’s gentle, detangles and helps with shedding. Good news, friends – I’ve found one. This dog brush is soft on their fur but sheds handfuls of hair (so gross to me) but hey! If it’s not around the house, I’m a happy mama. We also give him a regular bath with this shampoo duo that helps a lot with shedding but it doesn’t do the trick alone. And, if we’re honest, the fragrance of the shampoo only lasts a few hours or until their next play date. But, Thomas isn’t about to bathe Remi everyday (ain’t nobody got time for that). Instead, in between washes, we lather him in this dry shampoo that helps his fur + smell get a little perk mid week which normally holds him over until his next bath. It has a soft smell of coconut and lime, a little tropical smell, that isn’t overpowering but you won’t get the bad whiff.

Back to the shedding: this pet hair remover wedge is something my mom swears by. It’s a wedge that you brush on your furniture, or outfit, and it immediatley removes pet hair. Incase that didn’t work, I always resort to the handheld vacuum or the lint roller to get dog hair off (especially in the car).

The fur isn’t the only part that reeks sometimes, let’s talk about that dog breath. Sheeesh. These fresh breath mints have been a lifesaver. They’re exactly what they sound like: a breath mint for dogs. You just feed them to your dog as needed and they leave with a minty fresh smell. Or, you can add this water additive for fresh breath into their water bowl. It only calls for a cap full in each water bowl so it’s not too much of a chore (also helps with dental hygiene, not just the smell).



just fur fun

This Chinese takeout toy and pizza toy are two cute toys to have around the house. Both have squeakers so if your dog loves those (and you don’t) you might want to skip on this one. However, the kong is my everyday lifesaver. Its a hollow, chewable toy that allows you to stuff treats, peanut butter and other yummy ingredients inside and acts like a puzzle for your pup. I stuff it with peanut butter at night, put it in the freezer and give it to Remi as a morning treat while I’m getting ready. Another toy that makes playtime much easier for me is the chuckit toy. It comes with a tennis ball inside and gives your throw a few more yards; therefore, making your dog run a little longer. It also acts as a “scoop” to pick the ball back up to keep you from bending over so often to pick up the ball again.

The fabric frisbee is another great toy to have outside to keep them entertained. It’s another easy throw but it’s made of a tough fabric material that makes it hard for them to chew through. If they love to chew sticks, this stick toy is a funny deceiver. Remi loves his stick because it looks just like the sticks he likes outside but he’s not bringing in the bark in our home from his treat he loves so much. This tug of war toy keeps them entertained with their favorite friend in the world. Often times, Remi will nudge me with this toy in his mouth, wanting me to play some tug of war with him. This game wares him out which helps me get a few more things finished around the house before Thomas gets home.

the pampered pooch

I found this bed at Bed Bath and Beyond and got to cash in my 20% for being a subscriber and Remi loved it so much. I say “loved” because we’re replacing it. Nothing is necessarily wrong with it – we’ve had it for about a year and it’s memory foam but the inside is starting to get “clumpy” if that makes sense and we want Remi to have a fresh bed With that being said, the fact that we’re replacing it with the same one says a lot! We do love this bed a whole lot! If I could have any other bed in the world it would be this bed purely based on the way it looks. I’m not sure about the comfort level but I love the simplicity and the houndstooth look. If you don’t love the bed idea or you don’t want to purchase two beds (one for the bedroom + one for the living space), I’d suggest this cute teepee for a space for them to hangout in the living area.

You know your pup is pampered when they wear clothes. Unfortunately, but maybe fortunately, Thomas won’t let me dress up Remi, except for Halloween. Incase your dog does like to dress up, this sweater is the cutest and could be used as an outfit for your guy or gal pup. And of course, if they’re pampered, a normal leash just will not do. This ombre leash is a great option for your stylish, furry friend.

I also love pampering Remi and making some dog treats for him instead of buying all of them. They tend to be a little more healthy + they’re made with love. This dog treat + ice cube silicone mold is a fun one to make their treats extra special (and obviously indicate “these aren’t for humans”). Remi also loves to chomp on ice so these could be fun to make ice cubes in.


pup on the go

Call me crazy but we make Remi wear Rain boots if it’s rainy outside. Not so much for the look but the convenience. I love that he can go run and romp around without getting his paws muddy. When it’s time to come inside, we just slip them off and rinse them off in the sink. Easy cleanup.  This leash is a fun one for quick walks or car rides where they may ned to stretch their legs and this collar is a great option for dogs that like to move around a lot, swim and run. It’s made of “tuf-flex” which is a a synthetic plastic material, similar to rubber, that keeps from rubbing or chaffing your dog’s neck. At the same time, it doesn’t stay wet; therefore, not leaving a stench. Your dog may get thirsty on their excursions so this pop up bowl is easy to carry around. It can be flattened into a disc but then extended to carry water. Incase that isn’t a favorite, this dog water bottle is great, too. Like a normal water bottle, you fill it up but then squeeze it to release some water into the dish that sits on top for your dog to lap up.

Safety is key, especially with car rides. I don’t know about your dog but Remi loves them. This dog car seat keeps any dirt or hair off of our seats, which is great, but it also makes his ride a little more comfortable by “hammocking” him. This seat harness adds another layer of safety by buckling into your car seat buckle to keep them in one spot incase you needed to break quickly. 

for the human’s home

Us humans can’t be forgotten in this whole equation. Just because a dog needs some pampering doesn’t mean our house can go to shambles. It’s important to keep things clean and organized but with a fun decor flare, too. These dog bowls are a cuter version of the metal ones people tend to use. This treat jar is easily disguised on your countertop which makes treat easily accessible without screaming “I have a pet!”

We keep all of Remi’s toys, treats, training equipments, etc. in this utility cart next to his crate. We love it because it keeps things organized and all in one spot but it doesn’t take up much room. If your dog likes to access his or her toys easily, you may want to go with this gold wire basket or this wire storage basket for toys.

After Remi goes to sleep, or before we have guests over, I always spritz a little bit of this air freshener around the house and on our furniture to get rid of any unwelcome dog smell. It’s a soft scent that isn’t strong but will do the job. I often get compliments on my “candle” burning when it’s really this air freshener. Good news, it’s “clean” and doens’t have any chemicals or toxins that may hurt your dog if they go to intensely sniff or lick what you just sprayed down.



These are a few of the things that keep Remi entertained, clean and us sane and organized. No need for owning a pet to mean “chaos!” What are some of your favorites for your furry friend?!

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