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August 8, 2017

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After doing lots of traveling, on the road and in the air, I decided to share some of my “hacks” and products that I don’t travel without.

People always make the biggest deal about what they wear on the airplane, making sure they have on a comfy shirt, comfy bottoms, shoes that are easy to take off in the security line if necessary. But, comfort goes further than what you’re wearing. Your travel experience doesn’t have to be miserable, but it could take a turn for the worst if you’re not prepared. Here are a few things that I find to be high priorities when traveling. 

1. A reliable carry-on

The worst is when you’re all packed up, lugging your carry on around the airport from gate to gate and it breaks or rips or worse, the bottom falls out…

I’ve been there. Quite humiliating to say the least. I always travel with my leather carry on because it’s sturdy and I can pack it to it’s fullest while I’m on the run. I love traveling with a backpack because it’s easy to transport since you’re not necessarily carrying it. 

2. Travel size containers for liquids

The worst is when your flight gets cancelled or delayed and there’s a long layover you didn’t prepare for. How could you since you had to put all of your liquids in your checked luggage?? There are carry-on sized travel tubes that you can put just the right amount of shampoo, soap and lotion for awful situations like these. I always have a few of these stashed just in case, but fingers crossed and lots of prayers they don’t have to be used. 

3. Hand sanitizer

Airports are ew. All the people, all the germs. I’m not a germaphobe but you have to be crazy to walk around an airport for a few hours and think you won’t be affected. I’m also not a huge fan of public restroom soap (always feels weird to me) and hand sanitizer (sometimes it makes my hands react and the smell gives me headaches) but alllll the praise hands because I found a hand sanitizer spray in the scent “lavender” and it’s made without harsh chemicals. 

4. Passport + boarding pass holder

Gotta have the drivers license or ID, passport and boarding pass out ready to be checked. Oh! While you’re juggling your carry on in one hand, your phone in the other. I snagged a passport holder from Anthropologie that has come in handy when traveling (international or domestic) because of it’s storage for my ID and passes ready to access!

5. Headphones

When I fly, for some reason, I can turn my music all the way up on my phone but still feel like I’m listening to the engine of the plane. Plus, if my earphones are in too long, my inner ear starts to ache (another quirk, what’s new?). I love over-the-ear ear phones because they block all the noises, give greater sound quality and also don’t hurt me during my trip.

6. A good book

A good book that I can’t put down is key to a long drive or flight. Thomas and I love to drive and read together. It makes the trip pass by so much quicker. It’s always interesting too because books can be great conversation starters.  You can tell a lot about a person based on the book that they’re reading. I normally always try to find an uplifting book in hopes that someone would ask a question leading to really cool conversation.

7. Lip balm

That airplane air, my lips hate it. I always get off the plane peeling skin off of my lips. (Ew, gross, I know). I love this lip balm because 1. it’s flavored with peppermint and 2. It’s easy to apply and not sticky like some chapsticks. It balances my lips when they need balancing most.

8. Face spray

The airplane air isn’t only terrible to my lips but my face as well. I feel dried out, broken out and downright dirty after I get off of my flights. This rose water spray is a great refresher, I also use it as setting spray and it brings a healthy glow back to your skin to make you look more lively instead of traveled. 

These just make my trip so much more comfortale and enjoyable. I hate not being able to think about my destination becuase my journey is so miserable. 

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