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June 29, 2017

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For all my gals that are out and about working – this is for you. Those eight hour days don’t always have to end with takeout and Netflix, treat yourself. Your makeup doesn’t have to incrementally wear off the longer the day goes, your lips don’t have to be dry and cracked from reapplying lipstick for all of those meetings and your feet definitely don’t have to suffer after wearing heels all day. Oh no no no.

I put together a fun package for the working woman friends I have. 

1 // Charcoal Facial Mask

When the day ends, your face needs some treatment. Think about all the dust you’ve walked through, all the walks down the office or to lunch or a quick coffee run, the exhaust from cars in the parking garage, you name it. Your skin needs a quick detox and your Monday’s don’t have to be so dreary. How about treating yourself to a weekly face mask, one that brings your face back to balance. Charcoal face masks have become the new trend but be careful! Some of them have toxins that are added to your body when you use it to “detox.” This one, however, is my favorite because of it’s actual cleanliness – there’s no toxins in this beauty.

2 // Mattifying Powder

I love a powder that takes away my shine, but if it keeps my makeup on longer, it’s a double win. This mattifying powder is great to put on after your first and second coat of lipstick to keep it on all day long. 

3 // Sheer Lipstick  – not your regular lipstick

It’s not sticky, it doesn’t cause your lips to crack or dry out, hallelujah. The sheer lipstick comes in the perfect colors that match all skin tones. My personal favorite for the divas on the go is “currant.” The reason why sheer lipstick is better than your everyday lipstick: it’s perfectly professional for the work environment while still adding a fun pop.

4 // Sugar Body Scrub

When you come home from a long day, rub out those feet with this super citrusy smelling body scrub. It’s made with brown sugar to buff away dull skin while providing your skin the nourishment it needs to be healthy. Don’t let those heels kill ya.

5 // Concealer Pen

A little on the go touch up isn’t so bad. This beautiful gold pen is perfect for your purse and to whip out in the restroom to touch up under the eyes or any redness that’s appeared throughout the day. It has a cute little “click” feature – just like a pen, click the bottom to give the brush at the top a little more concealer to work with. How fun??


All of these products are Beautycounter products which means there are absolutely no toxins or any harmful chemicals for your skin. If you love any of these products, follow the links to buy them! They’re a great addition to your skincare routine and awesome replacements for the toxic products that you may currently use!

When checking out the site feel free to include me as your “Consultant” and I’d love to help you through any process or questions you have about the products. 

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