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California Campfires

Have you ever been to a campfire alone? Of course not, it's meant to be shared with the ones that you love, singing and dancing - it's a celebration. It's a warm "togetherness" of sharing stories, testimonies, and songs. It's a safe place to share and to be freely loved. It's a place filled with laughter, the sweetness of chocolate and marshmallows and the gift of friendship.

This openness of a community is what we were created for: to invite, to include and to share our lives with one another. A campfire so perfectly describes the Greater Community in the Church and what responsibilities we are given to start campfires and send out invitations.

Beautifully, it's understood that there are no outsiders to a campfire. The circle get's bigger, the crowd get's warmer and there's more ears to listen and mouths to speak. Likewise, are we called to pursue others, to invite them into our community/campfire and love them well by always opening up our circle to them.

I'm thankful that this type of community and worship is exclusive to the four walls of a church. It's meant to spread, to carry warmth and to always be growing - like a campfire.

Start the spark, set open a flame, let the embers burn with warmth. Send out your invitations and rest in the safety and community that's provided.