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Costco Recommendations + Vlog


Over on Instagram, I asked you what your favorite products were at Costco and what I should be looking out for during my very first trip to Costco. I was a little hesitant because I wasn't quite sure what to expect but with your help, I found everything I needed, wanted, and more!


After wandering around the store with my mom, I came out with some goodies. I wasn't shopping for groceries necessarily, I was visiting family and didn't want to bring home all the perishables back home to Birmingham. So, I walked out with some necessities I couldn't find elsewhere, great deals I couldn't buy back home and a few snacks for the road trip back.


I also received a few messages for me to share what I walked away with and although it wasn't much, I thought it was a good idea!  It was easier for me to make a video showing you all that we got rather than Instagram stories of everything soooo ENJOY!


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