Rachel Awtrey


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Dear graduate...

That place that you've been for the past 4 (or maybe 5 years), the one that holds frustration, happiness, excitement and anticipation, the place where you met your best friends and maybe even fell in love, the place that you became your true self, messed up a few times to learn a few new things, clung to your roommate when times were rough, laughed at those silly professors, ate that awful food - it will be missed.

But, don't get all caught up with how much leaving campus will be sad for you, because campus is also sad that you're leaving. The time that you've spent on campus was not in vain and it's not quite over. The relationships that you made, the papers you wrote, the tours that you gave, the friends that you hosted, the people that you smiled at - campus will miss you too. So know that just as much as you feel that you'll miss your University, that place will miss you right back because you left a legacy.

Whatever amount of involvement (or uninvolvement) that you had at this special place, you made a difference. If you had not attended those classes, tripped down the stairs, sat next to that stranger at the library, pulled that all-nighter, it wouldn't be the same. 

So, no. The next season might not look the same. It might not have your friends right next door, or your professors just an office visit away, or a football game ticket as accessible, or the opportunities to get involved that campus had to offer but your next season will have you.

Know that the campus isn't the one that made the difference, it was the people on it. Similarly, it's not the job or position, volunteer opportunity, house/apartment, or location that you'll find yourself at next that will have an impact on you. It's you and the people around you that will make that place come alive.

Be thankful now and be present then. Know that you will be missed just as much as you'll miss this but don't keep looking back because you'll miss what's next, dear graduate.