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Disney | Hollywood Studios

This might possibly be my favorite park: Hollywood + roller coasters + Star Wars? Oh yeah, baby. The Rockin' Rollercoaster was having technical difficulties pretty much all day so we took it and waited in line for a pretty long time. Worth it. 

We're thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies so Tower of Terror and Rockin' Rollercoaster and all that jazz is our jam. My brothers and Thomas love Star Wars, I love Hollywood and neon lights so Hollywood Studios is the perfect combination to keep everyone happy. 

While we were there, it was Dane's birthday so we got all kinds of special treatment. A reservation was made at the Italian Restaurant, Mama Melrose's Ristorante. They brought out a cupcake for Dane, Thomas and I got to sit at a  seperate table and sip our presecco and slurp up some noodles before heading back out. 

Muppets 4-D is right next door. Thomas and I loved it. We almost forgot how creative and clever the Muppets are, it's perfect for every age. You wear glasses, you get misted, you laugh, it's a great show!

Star Tours is Landon's favorite ride so we got a fast pass for that one. Each ride is different he says, similar to the Tower of Terror. There's a computer that makes sure there's a different combination for every "ship." Therefore, according to Landon, you can't ride it too many times. 

Star Wars Launch Bay is a new-must. Inside is the ultimate place for Star Wars junkies. There are replicas of all the light sabers, you can meet Chewbacca and chat with Jawas. Here's a secret with the Jawas: if you trade them something from the park (a glowing ice cube, balloon, etc.) they will give you droid pieces. Chewbacca was totally worth the wait. He's the real-deal, complete with noises, humor and his fuzzy personality.  

Make sure you don't miss the March of the First Order down Sunset Avenue in Hollywood Studios. The Storm Troopers march down (like a parade) to where the magic hat use to be and preform a short show. 

Another show that is a must-see is the Indiana Jones stunt show. It's hilarious, really thrilling and you can't see if too many times. Hamilton and I still love it after seeing it for years before this trip. 

Quick tip: If you can catch the Tower of Terror while Mickey's Fantasmic show is happening, the line is ridiculously short- we rode it three times in a row. 

Hollywood Studios is the great "adult park." Ya gotta go.