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The new "go-to" in Greenville, SC

Today Thomas and I had our first Saturday at home but we didn't want it to stay that way. We woke up lazy and late, made waffles, drank coffee and got ready to head out to a favorite destination back south, Greenville.

We love the proximity of all of our preferred stores, coffee stops and friendly, walkable streets. Sometimes we even bring our bikes to pedal around town. But, today was a quick trip. A "let's get out of the house and actually do something" trip. 

Our first stop was a new addition to Greenville and after our visit today, we're so grateful. Caviar and Bananas combines all of our favorites: a bakery, coffee stop, wine, salad and sandwiches, local coffee, jams, etc. We grazed around and settled on grabbing two drinks out of the refrigerated section: cream soda (Thomas) and a rose lemonade for me. C + B is light and airy, inviting and brand new. Next time I go back, I'll be sure to go in the evening because they have bistro lights strung and hung high for nights outside. Sounds dreamy to me. It's the perfect place to put together the yummiest Charcuterie or cheese board for a girl's wine night or supper club. Got an event coming up? Grab a wine from their selection to surprise you're guests or host. Can't say enough about this new, darling market. Thomas loved it because it's adjacent to Orvis.

After we bopped around the Orvis shop we slipped into Dark Corner Whiskey Distillery where you can taste their whiskeys in their Whiskey Girl collection. Butterscotch, Apple and Maple, and Peach are just a few of the flavors you'll find there. These could be great addition to my crock pot apple crumble!


 Next stop, to scurry over to the rainbow umbrella for a popsicle from a popsicle stand, King of Pops. They have the tastiest and most creative flavors that are super fresh especially on a hot day like today. I got a blueberry + watermelon creation and Thomas got a peaches + cream flavor. 

We snuck into a sweet little bookstore inside a refurbished building in the "main square" of Greenville with our melting, dripping popsicles. We didn't stay long because Thomas got the idea to visit a dog shelter while we were in Greenville and I was too excited to think about books at that point. So we grabbed a quick lunch across the street. We were a little too ambitious and excited and ordered 18 wings thinking we'd eat them all, oops. The Human Society idea didn't last long, I wish we could've stayed longer but I'm allergic to basically anything with four legs with hair so we left when I could no longer breath but that didn't stop me from holding Bella and Rio, two two-month old retrievers. 

So, if there's two things to do while in Greenville it's 1. find King of Pops and buy a dang good popsicle and 2. go romp around Caviar and Bananas and get a Mimosa or Peach Bellini and try their mediterranean chicken salad. 

Until next time, Greenville.