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The Ranch Home Tour

This summer we live in what we call a "studio cottage." It's a quaint little space tucked away in the woods of Northern California. If we're not driving a four wheeler to the Ranch in the mornings, we're crossing a creek down a path by our "back yard" - more like the woods. Our door is met by the edge of the forrest which is magical but also makes for a pretty crazy bug + rodent problem. Remind me to tell you the story about waking up to a scorpion on the wall.

Regardless, we have thoroughly enjoyed our spring and summer season spent in this little cottage. Our bed is tucked in a sweet nook by a window for natural light. We spruced up this area with a copper hanging light that Thomas installed, a few pieces of wall art, dainty pom pom curtains and pillows for accent. There's not room on either side for lamps or a nightstand so we have a little book shelf tucked in at the end of the bed to keep our books, candles or anything else to make that space cozy. 

Across from the bed is a natural wooden coffee table and a love seat that our friends here let us borrow while we're here. A standing lamp next to the couch provides the best lighting for getting late night projects finished. The coffee table and another side table are decorated with our journals, books and bibles, my favorite Magazine and a diffuser.


We used a space in the wall as our closet and hung a rod and put up curtains to separate this space from the rest of our living area. We didn't want our "closet" to be seen and clutter this place. We put a mirror above the dresser and kept our jewelry and necessities on top.

There's not a kitchen in this place (we don't really need one because we eat our meals at the ranch) however, we do love to snack and have drinks ready after a hot day. We used a wire shelving unit as our "pantry" and "miscellaneous" storage. There's more storage next to the sink for storage cleaning supplies and candles. We double it as decor.

When we do eat at home, we sit at this elevated bistro table and stools. I covered the table with a table cloth so I didn't have to repaint it.

On the walls we have sweet memories, a California tapestry, a map and other wall art to complete this creamy and dreamy place by adding a pop of color.

It's messy sometimes, has too many pairs of shoes on the ground, backpacks dropped at the door, dying flowers normally but it's just real life. Welcome to our summer home!

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