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BHM: Real + Rosemary

You know the places where you go to rest? To defeat the hustle and bustle throughout the day? The replenish and rejuvenate? Real and Rosemary has become one of those sacred safe places for me and I just had to share. 

Real and Rosemary is a quaint eatery tucked away in Homewood, Alabama. It offers a "real" and fresh menu with organic and yummy touches. There's rustic table with minimalist decor finished with a clean, pastel pallet. There's a bar for a night scene to end any great date with conversation that's not competing with the angry-loud music. It's a soft place with the kindest people in denim aprons serving you with an edgy twist. 

The interior is stellar but outside (if the weather permits) is my go-to. Tables on a patio with strung bistro lighting all around. A painted concrete wall adds the perfect amount of color and entertainment for your meal. 

The food...gosh the food. The kind where you leave feeling replenished than full, satisfied rather than sluggish. My go to is either a cup of the White Chicken Chili (without jalapeños) or the Roasted Turkey sandwich (pictured here). The sides are all wonderful: brusselsprouts, roasted carrots, sweet potato soufflé (pictured here), corn palenta cake. It's all so scrumptious. 

And do not leave without trying their freshly made, daily, orange blossom lemonade. It's a tangy thirst quencher with just enough pulp to know it's fresh with a tang of lemon and the sweetness of fresh orange juice and a hint of mint. 

Acquaint yourself with this sweet, quaint, loving place that I am proud to call a favorite.