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BHM: Revelator Coffee

Ahhhh yes! A coffee shop that has everything I'm looking for:

  • an inspirational + cozy atmosphere
  • friendly baristas that become friends
  • a creative menu
  • big tables to spread out and do work
  • non fluorescent lighting
  • free wifi (let's be honest)

I stumbled upon Revelator in Mountain Brook Alabama. One of the first few days in the area, I looked around for what would be my coffee shop. I was secretly interviewing the baristas and I felt like I was dating the menu's until I found "the one." It wasn't long until this small cute shop became my "one" before I was even able to go anywhere else. 

Mountain Brook location | 2551 Park Lane Ct S Mountain Brook, AL

A plushy West Elm rug greets you with sleek white walls and funky wooden chairs. A few tables decorated with coffee rings and succulents invite you to sit. The menu is small and mighty offering plenty of options to add to your simple coffee: cinnamon honey is my friend's favorite. 

Downtown Location | 1826 3rd Ave N Unit 101 Birmingham, AL

Close to the Alabama Theater, you're in a more industrial environment greeted by, instead of a rug, a standing lamp with a large pine meeting table and the coffee bar. We grabbed a seat next to the window with a view of the latest construction development in the middle of the road. The Revelator baristas brought us over their newest creation to try: mint black tea with a splash of almond milk.

The chairs are comfy and big, the tables are sturdy and their wifi is free. BINGO. 

What more could you ask for?






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