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The Summer Brim Hat

The dress    |    the earrings   

The dress   |   the earrings  

Not sure about y'all but my skin is porcelain - like, the name of my tint color for makeup is "translucent." When it comes to sun protection, I need all hands on deck: baseball caps, sunscreen, reapplication after reapplication. Let's be honest, that's not always practical (or cute) so I've found my solution: the summer brim hat. I'm loving it!

This specific one, Thomas found at Target on an errands trip and I fell in love with it. What I love most about it is it doubles as the beach hat, the sun protection hat, the "throw it on during a bad hair day" hat or an accessory to your favorite outfit. 

This is a staple piece in a wardrobe and can't go unnoticed (especially during the summer time, if you're like me).

Here are a few of my other favorites