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How to Thrive in Your Mom Era with Therapist, Rachael Elmore

July 27, 2023

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This week we talk about all things “mom era” with Rachael Elmore. You may recognize her from a previous episode and we are so grateful to have her back from round two! To set the scene from the last time we had Rachael on the show, I was pregnant and she had not yet written her book. Now we are two kids in and she has written an amazing book “A Mom Is Born”. Rachael has a beautiful story of navigating postpartum depression and is now the person she needed during those days. Rachael is a therapist and an author who also gets to encourage women every day in their motherhood season. 

Motherhood is an era that we get to be a part of, it doesn’t have to be something we “have to get through” but we can be moms that delight in the joy that it brings. It can be easy to look around and feel like you lose out on life when you turn the corner to motherhood but it is possible to thrive in these moments. In motherhood you don’t lose you but can become more of you. It is not always the stellar moments that we see on tv commercials with chunky babies and smiling faces, in fact it comes with a range of emotions. Rachael shares that nothing godo comes from thinking you are a bad mom, so today we are tackling those lies and sharing ways to navigate this new season called motherhood.

Rachael shares that 1 in 7 women experiences postpartum depression and/or anxiety. We know that all moms struggle with the baby blues, you wonder if you can do it, you question what you are feeling, and your abilities.  The body never goes through a bigger change than right after we give birth, what a crazy reality to put in perspective and will maybe make you want to immediately give yourself grace. Postpartum may bring Irrational fears, anxiety, and worry.  When these feelings overtake your life especially longer than they should, which is a recommended time of 2 weeks, it may be a moment to reach out to someone. Maybe you are full of anxiety that comes out in a different way, not irrational thoughts but you are irritable, heart racing, and on edge. Anxiety can manifest itself through a lot of different symptoms and we all experience them and what an opportunity we have to experience help from others. It’s never too early to ask for help, it’s not silly, it’s brave, and professionals are there to serve you and they are happy to help. 

Practical things for your postpartum journey are essential to keep in your back pocket. How can you begin to delight in Motherhood? Find your Postpartum pack. This is a season that you can’t do alone. When you find your people, you don’t even have to have the words, but ask them for three things. You can ask them to pray for you, check on you, and be faithful to you. Find people that can be faithful, available, and merciful. This doesn’t have to be a mom. You can invite people outside of your season into your season. Find someone older, younger, whoever can be those three things for you. It is hard to click send on the text but it is worth it!

In the postpartum journey have you ever felt like you are stuck in rut of navigating the “christian thing,” praying through your anxiety, not wanting the medicine aspect of care, but still realizing help is a need. Rachael shares a revelation from the story of Jesus healing the blind man. She reminds us how Jesus spit in the mud to make the resource that would “heal the blind man.” Jesus didn’t need the mud to heal the blind man but he used it. Theologically, medicine is used throughout the bible. If the issue was only spiritual, then the medicine wouldn’t help but most of these postpartum issues are beyond. 

God will do his part in the healing and he doesn’t need us to play our part but we get to. Sometimes that opportunity is getting to have medicine. I can testify that even my spiritual life was able to go to a new level when I was able to have a mind of peace. Before my mind was cluttered, vision was crowded, I couldn’t ask the questions or go deeper because my mind was so overwhelmed. Saying yes to help changed my spiritual journey because it helped unclutter my mind and therefore see the revelations and truth God was showing me. Motherhood is hard, it comes in waves of emotions, but it is not impossible. You were created for it and we believe in you. 
We were so honored to hear from Rachael Elmore this week and to hear about her new book, it’s not just for moms but expecting moms, the grand moms, and friends to moms. You can find Rachael on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @Rachaelhuntelmore and her website and he books in all stores and on audio called “A Mom is Born.” We hope you were encouraged in this week’s episode to delight in motherhood and find joy right where you are.

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