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February 24, 2017

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Etsy is so fun for many reasons. One of my favorites: they’re all businesses with real people behind them with real stories. There’s no corporate world, it’s all craftsmen and women that want to better the lives of others through beautiful creation. When Thomas and I started adding intricate details to our home, the first place we wanted to look was Etsy for this reason. We wanted to support the families behind these stores. . These are a few of the favorites that we found that we love and are now in our home:

Copper Hexagonal Mirrors

We snagged these minimal yet traditional mirrors from a store called  Little Extras. They’re easy to hang with any tack or nail and not heavy at all! They’re hung by a rope and are thin enough that they sit close to the wall! We have them on a wall in-between two doors in our bedroom and it’s great to reflect the light but simple enough that it doesn’t take away from any art we may have in our bedroom. They’re beautifully simple and could be added to a bathroom, guest bedroom or entry/hallway. 

Throw Pillows

Everyone needs a sweet throw pillow for their bed from Fiber & Fluff, whether it’s patterned or has typography like these. Thomas and I would say that our style is very boho, farmhouse minimalist so when we came across these precious throw pillows we knew we had to have them. The typewriter font is the perfect addition to tie in all of the rustic details and hello – the actual words are so sweet. It’s hard to have a bad day after waking up and putting these back on your bed. 

Bread Basket/Bag

These sweet linen baskets and bags are perfect to spruce up any pantry or counter. I throw my jams, sweet potatoes or onions inside the baskets and keep a fresh loaf of banana bread in the bread bag. They’re soft and linen and make the perfect touch of simple decor to your space. They’re made by the sweetest shop based out of Ukraine called, Linen Touch

Candle Stick Holder

A candlelit dinner makes every recipe-gone-wrong taste better. That’s why I love this candle stick holder from Slinky Home. 1. It’s copper. I love copper. 2. It sits lower, which most candlestick holders are positioned higher. This adds depth and contrast to the height of your candlesticks in an arrangement and helps your overall goal of design. It’s great to add to any mantle, use as a centerpiece or have on your nightstand as an extra piece of decor. 

Rustic Wooden Lanterns

I have these rustic wooden lanterns at the entrance to our bedroom and they mark off the space beautifully. You could add these to your deep mantle, front porch or on the sides of your fireplace. So much fun to have with these from Molly’s Marketplace. They’re distressed (which is perfect for any farmhouse look) and the fact that they hold larger candles makes them so practical.

Euro Pillows

I’m sure there are a lot of variations of Euro pillows on Etsy. However, these come from the greatest shop with beautiful patterns and the inserts for the shams are the perfect weight for Euro pillows. I cannot rave about these Euro pillows enough.  I love to have 3 Euro pillows stacked on the back across a queen size bed. It’s a must. Learned this from my new job at a home decor store – it must work. These Euro pillows from Olivia’s Smile are the perfect density, soft but still firm. They’re karate-chopable. And the best part, there’s a hidden zipper in each pillow so it’s easy to remove to wash or clean and then re-stuff the stuffer. There’s no tacky buttons, outside zipper or velcro. Woohoo!

Hanging Fruit Basket

I’m so thankful I have this piece from Project Object Vintage. The 3-tier fruit hanging basket is great for kitchen organization that doubles as decor. It’s collapsable incase you want to store it later. It hangs from the ceiling so it can hold weight as far as bananas, sweet potatoes and other fruits and veggies. We love the splash of color in the chain links! Project Object Vintage has plenty of fun vintage decor + clothing so I’d call them a “one stop shop.”

Wooden Signs

These signs…so sweet. They’re square wooden frames with white wood interior and quotes printed on the front in the typewriter font – matching our throw pillows! They’re from a store called Rustic Branches. They have quotes based on love and marriage, Bible verses and lots of other quotes!

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